The Finchley Horticultural Society runs allotment sites at Gordon Road, Nethercourt Avenue and Brent Way.


To apply for a plot please go to

Raised Beds Now Available!

There are raised beds available for people with disabilities on the Gordon Road site of Finchley Horticultural Society. Please contact Sylvia at to come and have a look at one. There is some parking near the raised beds.

How to Apply

There is a waiting list of people wanting an allotment and only a few plots become available each year.    Plotholders must sign a tenancy agreement and be members of the Finchley Horticultural SocietyA Handbook for Plotholders includes important information, guidance and plotholder rules.

Plots are let in varying sizes from 3 to 10 poles (10 poles is about 300 square yards or 250 square metres).  Plot rental charges (as at January 2015) are:  £6.35 per pole, plus £7 per pole service charge.  Key deposit :  £15.  These charges are reviewed annually.  The Society offers a 50% rent discount on the first 10 poles to plotholders over 60 years of age.

If you would like to look around for other allotment sites that might have vacancies or a shorter waiting list, then you can go to the Barnet Allotment Federation website.

Each year there is a Barnet wide Plot Competition and Site Competition held during July.

Any allotment holder can enter their plot into the competition. Rules and information can be found on the BAFH website.


The following are the contacts for each allotment secretary. Please only use this for anything other than allotment applications.

Gordon Road : Rosa Tormo

Nether Street: Penny Igoe

Brent Way. Elain Wright 

Gordon Road


This is a prize winning site in the Barnet Allotments Competition.
Gordon Road Allotments (about 5 acres) are located off Gordon Road, Finchley, London N3.  The site is also bounded by the Dollis Brook, and Dollis Road.  There are 65 plots of varying sizes from 10 poles down to 3 poles plus 12 raised beds for gardeners with a physical disability.  All plots are within easy reach of a water tap;  the raised beds have an irrigation system.  There is a compost toilet, barbecue and picnic area, a log cabin in the raised bed area for shelter with a library of gardening books, and a ‘Green Room’ with facilities for making tea/coffee. Reclycled compost and woodchip is supplied for free on a regular basis.  Wheelbarrows and mowers are also available for plotholders’ use.  There is a communal fire site and rubbish collection.   Manure and straw (supplied at cost to individual plotholders) are delivered in bulk to order on an annual basis.

Special Plots

There is one small plot set aside for wildlife.  It contains a small pond, two old apple trees, an open compost heap, log pile, and refuges for slowworms which are found throughout the site.  A protected species, they can only be handled under licence.  Slowworms are gardeners’ friends, consuming large quantities of slugs and bugs.

FHS bee

There are two apiaries with a number of bee hives run by a Bee Group of plotholders.  This area is surrounded by a high fence so that the bees fly high with a reduced risk of annoyance to gardeners.  A wildflower plot has been planted alongside one of these apiaries to provide a local cafe for the honey bees.

Two schools (Moss Hall Nursery School and Southover Partnership School) have two raised beds each and regularly visit with children to give them a hands on experience of growing fruit and vegetables.

Trading Hut

The shop is a service for FHS members.  It is open from March to July, September and October from 10.30am – 12.30pm.  It provides a convenient way for society members to obtain a range of horticultural products without the need to carry large and bulky quantities to the site from garden centres, and to buy at prices which in many cases are lower, than from outside sources, because of the special deals offered to the Society by its suppliers.  Trading Hut Prices 

Nethercourt Avenue

Allotment Nethercourt 2

Nethercourt Avenue Allotments site is located behind Nethercourt Avenue, Finchley, London N3, enclosed by the surrounding roads.  It has twice won the small site category in the Barnet Allotments Federation Competition.  There are 12 plots varying in size from 4 to 8 poles.   All plots are within easy reach of a water tap.  There is a bin for green waste and a communal hut, and a number of wheelbarrows and a mower provided for use by plotholders. As well as having a mower we also have a strimmer/brush cutter.

Brent Way

Brent Way 6

Brent Way Allotments site is located behind Brent Way, Finchley, London N3, next to the Finchley Tennis Club which bounds the site on two sides. This is a small site with 9 plots varying in size from 3 to 7 poles. There is a water supply and communal hut.